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    Talking word of mouth works

    I did an install at a condo last week..the mother got my name from her son. I was wiring the outdoor unit when a lady asked my "how is your co to work for? I told her I own the Co. She told me she had some "bandits" out to check her unit a couple of weeks ago and was told she needed a new system. It worked b/4 they got there ..hasn't worked since. I walked across the parking lot and checked it out ..not a drop of refrig in it ..saw some oil on the back side of the coil... would you believe it a perfect round hole. Hmmm.. I told her I would repair the leak and charge the system for $xxx.. she said no the unit was 19 yrs old and she wanted to replace it. I gave her the same price as the job I was finishing up. Wrote the contract she signed ..told her she had 3 days to cancell she called me the next day and said its a go. Her son got on the phone and said she wants me to go to hte next condo meeting but is afraid to ask. He said she wasn't the only one "raped" by the "bandits. 300 units in this development. a lot of 19 yr old units.
    All little 2 bedroom town houses. I will be at that condo meeting next Tues.

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    Congrats, and good luck.
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    go for it

    the worst they can do is ask you to cut your $$$$$$$$$$$
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    well of course word of mouth works. Good or bad. I have been in business now for 10 years. A few years ago I decided to start doing some advertising. Did some radio advertising. What a waste of money. I have not done any since. I do about 90% of my business from customer referrals. If you do quality work, you're always on time, and always be a professional you'll do alright. A good reputation is the best advertising you can get.

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    the right place at the right time

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    I had a job like that last week. I was changing out a cap on a 7 year old unit in a condo, and the guy 2 unit's down saw my truck and had me look at his system. He was told his unit was shot and needed to be replaced. But on further inspection, I saw the inside coil was full of dust and mildew. Cleaned same, and it's cooling like a new unit. Honesty works! It's easy to take advantage of people and make some money, but it's tech's like you that get remembered, and get the most work. Hats off to you !
    Instead of learning the tricks of the trade, learn the trade.

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