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    I usually go thru certain things that really get on my nerves and want it done a certain way.Right now I am very picky about how the CU's look.Because most of our Air handlers are in attics in my area,so most of the time this is the only part other of the T-stat that the HO sees.Another is if the unit calls for 10 subcool on it,thats what I want on it.Not 10.5,9,11 or somewhere close.I guess I am becoming to much of a perfectist.I can't help it that I take pride in my work.

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    I often look at the Wall of Shame for entertainment. Sometimes after a bad day it really helps to laugh at some of the stupid sh** we see, especially if you've had to fix things like some of those pictures.

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    I was only wondering if it was a comment on human nature, like bads news sells on other media. But interesting responses.
    I've, I believe, posted one or more of our jobs in the shame area. Don't remember why, probably nitpicking. But I do try to be my own worst critic. Got an apprentice who seems to take on all critizism as a challenge to improve his act. Wish they all were that way.
    As for the bong water I use wine instead.

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