A little background on this call... Went here for a PM/startups. This unit had a bad LPCO. The way the contract was set up, NO repairs can be made on a PM without authorization. So, I noted it and left it (it wasn't warm enough to need it yet, anyway). Apparently, the tenant (a weight loss center) needed the cooling anyway (understandably). Since we are hired by the bldg. owner and not the tenants, they didn't know we were their service company, and called someone else. The landlord showed up while they were there, and kicked them out not thinking anything of it. Then we get an emergency call for A/C. This is what I found, only expecting to be replacing a LPCO, and having no idea another Co. had been out here. The funny part is, they had the transformer ripped out, and all the other wiring disconnected. What a mess. Got some nice overtime, though since I was sent at the end of the day, and it was supposed to be a quick fix. Had to rewire most of it, using a washed out, illegible wiring diagram.