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    Thumbs up Robinair

    Anyone have the robinair digital gauges on the right side of the page(advertisement)? how do they work and whats the cost?

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    MechAcc Said he got his for 120 each.

    I haven't heard what he thinks of them.

    He said he wasn't going to put them on a manifold.

    I was thinking this setup could keep them out of the garbage for a while
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    I picked up a set today and used them, seem to be decent. The complete manifold with gauges was about 240 but it didnt have hoses. The individual gauges were like 99 a piece. I'm starting to wonder why I paid 50 bucks for a robinair manifold when I like the manifold I had. Anyway, they seem to be decent gauges. They shut off after about 5 minutes by themselves which will save the 3 AAA batteries in each gauge. They have a backlight but unless you are working in dark conditions, it just seems like something to eat the batteries.

    The nice thing is there is an R button where you select the refrigerant and the saturation temp is also displayed. I'll know more about calibration in the future.

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