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    Went to a job yesterday and found a bad compressor, three year old unit...ordered a new one. Then I figured I'd look the system over now so when I come back there would be no surprises. The air handler is jammed between two bar joist and it is almost impossible to get the cover off. There is no return so the air is returning from above the dropped ceiling. I find the print for the job laying on the ceiling tile. I look it over and it shows a return tied into the ceiling, not a filter taped to the end of the unit... The print also shows that someone took air readings and wrote them down next to each supply. They also added up the total and came to 873 cfm for this fine three ton unit... Now looking at the supply ducting this came as no surprise. So I'm thinking I wonder if this guy changed fan speeds on was a real major PIA to get the panel off. Well it was on medium speed, as it came set from the factory. I set it on high and when I go back I'll see what I have for air. I always hate this when dealing with a new customer...they think you are trying to load up on them when you say you "need" these things done. This unit also runs in cold weather and has no cold weather controls, well actually it has no controls at all...your basic contractor model... When I saw who the company that installed it was I was not surprised...

    That's my story...for now...
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    Sir Charles you have done well. The ball is in their court to buy a pressure control and duct modifications.Hacks are everywhere
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    Be carefull. Horizontals on high tend to draw water off the coil and soak the insulation because of the high velocity.

    I know what you mean about customers thinking your just trying to get more money out of them.
    In this case. You get to let them know, that what your pointing out to them is what killed their compressor in 3 years. And will kill the new one just as quick.
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