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Thread: Wysong 1652

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    Wysong 1652

    I just bought a used shear. I feel like it would cut better if I could adjust the blades just right. The blades look to be in good shape, and it does cut good. It just seems to take a little more stomping effort than it should. My main issue though is this, the bottom blade is about 1/16" higher than the bed of the shear.
    Only in the center though. Anyone know how to adjust these?

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    Wysongs are good units, I can't remember if they have jack screws under the knife, if it does, you can use it to level the knife. The blade should be level with the top of the table, you can also reverse and flip the blade over for 3 additional cutting surfaces. If the blade is totally screwed up, you can have it reground to make it shear good

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