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    6" fresh air supply for boiler room NYC

    anybody know if the code in NYC calls for two 6" fresh air returns in a small residential boiler room? customer put an addition on his house. now his boiler room is no longer adjacent to an exterior wall. i got the call when his inspector would not sign off on the job. i understand that he will now need a fresh air supply,but two 6"? we normally use 4" in this area (one high,one low), he has a small weil mclain boiler (80k). also the length to an outside wall is appx 15',and will require 0ne 90 degree turn, he says the inspector "mentioned" he might require a blower. i asked him to call the inspector and get specs on exactly what he requires,but he's a little reluctant. probably a job to stay away from, but i was just wondering if anyone encountered the same situation,maybe in other states.

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    Each area is different. What one area requires has little bearing on the next.
    Call teh inspector, and find out what they want, before you get caught in teh middle.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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