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    Smile Pls,give me your opinion

    I am in a process of installing a new A/C unit, I live in FL. I was offered Carrier Comfort 25HCA 336 (outside unit) and indoor unit FV003 (varriable speed).It suppose to be 3 ton,14 seer,heat pump.The price is <removed>
    As you can see I have no clue what I am doing so I would deeply appreciate your opinion.I need to know if this is a good A/C and what you think about the price.I was a little shocked,I was hoping for the price about $3K.
    Thank you very much for your help.
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    Sounds like a good price to me...

    You got to be kidding about the 3K price... Perhaps you should buy one on ebay and install it yourself. After all what can be so hard about that? What could possibly go wrong? Oh ya, it’s the license thing, the tools, the truck, the gas and of course the insurance. But what’s the big deal with that, an enterprising person can find a way around those little obstacles.

    Here’s a good rule of thumb: look up the trade price of the equipment on line then double it and you’re close to the installed price. But that doesn’t include incidentals like, wiring changes, duct modifications or other related items.

    One last thing: most equipment manufactures’ warrantee loop hole is, “Installed by a competent (licensed) tech”.

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    while heatkits may be a little harsh the point he is making is legit. in this day and age 3k isnt going to buy anything but a jake leg hack job. everything associated with the hvac trade is costly these days,copper ,silver,refrigerant,labor, and the list goes on and on. the purchase you are making is for "durable goods". it should last for many years if its installed correctly.

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    Thank you for your opinion....well, the "dreamy" price was given to me 6 months ago by linced A/C guy but apperently things are changed since that :-)

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    He might have been dealing with some hot equipment or you are comparing apples to oranges. That equipment isn't cheap, by the time he buys the equipment, puts labor in it and miscellaneous materials and pays insurance and taxes, he would be in the hole on the $3000 price. If you want it closer to $3000, you need to put in a straight cool A/C, no heat pump, a 13 SEER. A fixed speed air handler, no variable speed with strip heat only for heat. Pretty much the cheapest way to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle66 View Post
    Thank you for your opinion....well, the "dreamy" price was given to me 6 months ago by linced A/C guy but apperently things are changed since that :-)
    I wouldn't call him again, that was too cheap even back then
    You can't fix stupid

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    thank you for your explanation

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    I just have to made me smile...he actually is not returning my calls now :-)) so you guys are right

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    WOW! Thanks a LOT! :-)

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    thank Jr.....I stole it.

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    I've been coming here for a few months now and reading. Decided to register because I'm going to have some questions (planning a new home build).

    The information on Selecting A contractor is a good link.......but it's only half the battle, isn't it.

    I don't want to just select a contractor.....I want to select a EXCELLENT contractor who knows the equipment and does an excellent installation.

    Our current home has a 17 year-old furnace and probably on it's last legs. I only bring this up because over the years I've seen a LOT of different servicemen....usually just for routine cleaning and maintanance (with the occasional emergency call). What I quickly noticed was that there was a fairly large discrepency in the work performance of these guys.

    I think you Pro guys know what I'm talking about, not all HVAC installers are created equal.

    As a CONSUMER, I have the right to want and demand that I have the right equipment and installed with perfection. Anything less is just not acceptable. Not when I'm spending $15-20K or more.

    Some might say "Ask for references", but we all know references will be satisfied customers only. Does a consumer select the HVAC company with the largest yellow pages ad? Don't laugh, the yellow pages salesman would tell you that is one of the most effective ways to solicit new business. Do you get the older guy with lots of experience but may not be up to speed on the latest technologies. Or do you get the younger guy with a few years under his belt but knows all the latest stuff?

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