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    Air duct cleaning?

    Getting ready for a new heat pump installation, a few companies recommend cleaning the duct work prior to the installation, is this something that should be done or is it a waste of money?

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    Smile DuctZ

    As long as you use the right air duct contractor you should be fine. DuctZ is a great company that does things the right way and follow NADCA standards. There located all across the world, and they are also the largest in the world.

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    You can shorten the life of your new heat pump if air flow is diminished due to dirt and debris from your ducts moving and collecting in the filter and coil. The filter can be replaced, but debris passes filters to the coil. It depends on the amount of dust and debris in your ducts. If the system was running during construction, you will be amazed how much junk collected in the returns.

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    None of us can see your ductwork.

    The vast majority of duct cleaning that is done does absolutely nothing for system performance or the quality of the air in the system.

    There are a minority of cases where it is beneficial, but it would require an on site inspection to determine if your system needs it or not.

    If you do happen to need duct cleaning, get a real duct cleaner to do it, who has actual professional duct cleaning equipment, not some joker with a Rotobrush machine.
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    have been installing replacement systems for over 30 yrs, i very rarely see a dduct system that would get any benefit from duct cleaning and then it is normally only in the return.

    IMO most duct cleaning is a big waste of money.

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