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    Newbie - Carrier 25HPA530H30 or 25HPA530A30 Heat Pump?

    Hi everyone. Ill need your help, entirely new to this. Im planning to replace our heat pump+indoor coils. The existing condenser is a 1981 (27 years old, YES 27!!!) Carrier Mod. 38RQ, air handler is Carrier FB4ANF036000ACAA, replaced in 1995 by previous owner. We live in CT, 1,400 SqFt Townhouse, 1981 built. Indoor unit is located in the (unfinished) basement. I dont really care about SEER, but about BTUs output at lower temperatures, and HSPF.
    The contractor suggested the Carrier 25HPA530A30 heat pump, 16 SEER, and FE4AN(B,F)003+UI (Infinity Control), plus intelligent heat strip 5/10/15 Kw. (ARI# 1258714).
    When I visited the ARI website I noticed Mod #25HPA530H30, 15 SEER, same coils (ARI#1125501) with better performance (HSPF, @47F, @17F) for colder temperatures.
    Can anyone help? How can I buy the 25HPA530H30 with the better HSPF?
    I called Carrier customer service, and they dont know, the contractor doesn't know either.

    PS: The contractor will do a HEAT GAIN calculation for sizing the condenser (2.5 or 3 ton). Is this the same as heat loss (Manual J)?

    Thanks a lot to all of you that can help, and sorry for the long post...

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    The dealer will have to contact his distributor and see if one is available or can be ordered. This unit is not as widely stocked by the distribution channel.
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    1258714 Active Systems PERFORMANCE 15 PURON HP CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING 25HPA530A30 FE4AN(B,F)003+UI 29000 13.20 16.00 28800 8.50 16700 1 HRCU-A-CB 155 486

    1258717 Active Systems PERFORMANCE 15 PURON HP CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING 25HPA530A30 FE4AN(B,F)005+UI 30000 13.50 16.00 29200 9.00 16900

    1125501 Active Systems PERFORMANCE 15 PURON HP CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING 25HPA530H30 FE4AN(B,F)003+UI 29200 13.00 15.00 28600 9.00 17600 1 HRCU-A-CB 167 459

    I like the middle configuration just as good as the #1125501. It has better EER (latent) number. Might be worth it if depending if you live in high humidity area.


    Just an idea

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    Thank you.
    What is the difference in performance between the FE4AN(B,F)005+UI and the FE4AN(B,F)003+UI? Will the duct size be a problem for CFM, or other metrics to be considered? Other issues?

    Any other feedbakc is welcome.

    Thank you.

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    plain spoken, you're right.
    The distributor can order the 25HPA530H30 at no extra cost. It will take ~1 wk. as they don't stock it. They told me that it has a different motherboard (or something similar). Factory installed, no field modifications needed.

    tigerdunes, thank you for the other suggested configuration. But the FE4AN(B,F)005+UI will add extra cost (~5% of current estimate). Try to keep within the budget.
    High humidity is not really an issue.


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    Manual J is a load calculation used to determine the amount of btu lost or gained lost in the winter gained in the summer. Determines what size system is needed to compensate for what is lost or gained

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