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    South Texas Fisherdudes

    Picked up two of these pontoons today, or yesterday, wednesday now right? Me and my 11 yr old boy will be out lookin for sweet spots to get these wet. Rockport is favorable but where at? You guys know of any shallows that we can get to with these? I'm gonna put trolling motors on em, but I can't travel far that way. Looking for some good fishin with easy access and minimal wet travel. I know, I'm dreamin but had to ask.

    Lookin for fresh and salty spots 200 miles anywhere from s.a.

    roy, where ya at?

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    A place just out of Port Aransas called Shamrock cove is a well known place for kayacks would be a good start. a lot of shallow flats all along that area and a great fishing spot. plenty of tailing red's to chase.

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    That does look pretty cool but a conoe might hav been a better choice ? Haulin a battery and a motor is alot more work than a paddle . I do some fishig in small rivers and use a Mohak 14 solo light weight one for ease of carriing it by myself .
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    I took otto to port o'conner. We went to the Tomcat rig. We are just poor boys having fun. I hope you saw the vidieo.

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