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Thread: Heritage 16 HP

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    Heritage 16 HP

    I was looking at American standard HP's and I like all the features the Heritage 16 HP has. My Question is how well will this unit work with my Carrier Infinity furnace vs Carriers Performance HP?

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    While the Heritage 16 HP is nice, why would you sacrifice the ability to use the Infinity controller with the Performance HP and Infinity furnace? That just doesn't make much sense to me. Pay close mind to the ARI ratings with all the equipment as well. The Performance HPs typically have pretty good ratings.

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    never had the issue, but i would say stick with a matched system and go with a 2 stage carrier HP.
    Trane/ Amer. Stand. don't teach us how to hook up they're 16 2 step to any other brand, probably a hornets nest waiting to be hit. In theory I would suppose if there is a way to get the proper airflow per stage as there is with the T/AS equipment it would be possible but not worth risking it. Carrier has quality equipment also.
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