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    Geo-Thermal hot water Question..

    I am pretty much sure I am getting a Premium G 3 tonne unit for my house with the desuperheater. I am currently on oil with an oil hotwater tank, I had gas before(old house) and I am telling you oil kicks my ass (or burns it) with hot water, so here is my delema do I keep the oil hot water because I love to take long hot showers (endless supply of hotwater) or do I switch to electric with a secondary tank hooked up to the desuperheater? Will I run out of hot water? and will it be as hot?

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    If you turn the temp setting on the electric water heater to the same temp as the oil fired. You get the same temp.

    Will you run out. Depends on how much water you use during that long hot shower.
    Most likely will, during the mild seasons, when the HP isn't running to heat or cool your house.
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    You do need a storage tank direct to the desuperheater for a correct install. That would then feed whatever heater you want to use. Been there is right. You will only generate heat when the system is running. I just hooked my desuperheater up to a 50 gallon rheem marathon (no electric just storage)last week. It feeds my Rinnai tankless. Impressive results. After heat last night and system off all day my tank was 114 this AM. It falls off through the day of course to the 70-85 range and reheats at night when my heat kicks on again. Great combo no matter whether you use 2 tanks or tank/tankless setup.

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