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    How is everyone doing?

    Here is my situation maybe someone can help me out with. I have been living in my new home now for 2 months. the house was built in 1970. This morning it was raining steadily for about 3 hours. My wife decided to throw a load of laundry into the wash. The laundry room is in the basement along with a tub and toilet in a separate room. The washer drains into a utility sink. As it drained, the water started backing up into the bathtub and even into the toilet. The thing is is that the waste water from the washer would drain easily and maybe about 1 minute after it drains the water would come back and fill the tub. The water would then drain slowly but when I turn the water on from the tub and let it run, it drains rather smooth and fast. I ran this process 3 times and the same thing happened everytime. I thought maybe because it was raining so much that all this water at once was backing up. This also happened when we first moved in. We had a plumber come out and rod out our main sewer line and 2 months later, here we are again. If anyone has any info. on this matter I would greatly appreciate it. We have city water and sewer.

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    This is not a plumbing forum.

    You might want to call your plumber back out and tell him to use a camera to check the pipes, you may have roots plugging your drain line or you could have 500 other things wrong, kinda hard to see it from here.
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