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    replacing heat pump

    I currently have a Carrier 2ton heat pump with a 2 1/2 ton air handler, 12 seer, and 8.2 HSPF. I need to replace it asap with something comparable or better.

    I am looking for opinions on whether I should spend the money on a Puron system. I am very much "old school" and am hesitant to spend the money on a Puron system while these systems have not been around very long. Any advice on simply moving from Freon to Puron?

    Regardless, I am looking for recommendations on comparable or better systems.



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    Puron - aka r410a - has been around for quite a while. Some contractors aren't familiar with it. You'll find differing opinions between the old r22 and 410, but there is no doubt the old r22 is rising quickly in price. The 410a units are just as reliable as the old stuff. Find a qualified contractor whichever way you go.

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    In 2010 new equipment will no longer be using R-22, replacement R-22 will still be produced when R-12 was being fazed out prices went sky high over night, 410A has proven to be a good refrigerant.

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    All manufacturers have had R410A systems for some time now.
    R410A systems have proven themsolves. Some contractors are leary of it, and haven't installed R410A systems yet. Some of them repeat myths about R410A.
    Those are the contractors to shy away from.
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    I shy away from quoting R-22 systems now. R-410a is here to stay while R-22 will become rare. The time has come.
    Beware of advice given by some guy on the Internet.

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    doug and liz

    Go with R-410a-no question

    what area of country do you live?

    is heating eff just as important as cooling eff?

    my specs for a heat pump system

    15 SEER,12+EER,9 HSPF
    matching var speed air handler
    R-410a refrigerant
    new lineset
    full BTUs in both cooling and heating
    scroll compressor preferred
    electronic demand defrost preferred
    thermostat that controls blower speed for best dehumidification
    staged heat strips


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