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Thread: Slackers!!!

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    You've got my curiosity going. What was wrong with the emergency no cool unit?

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    Two emergency no-cool problems.
    First was the rear unit, the blower motor wasn't running when energized. I took the belt off and restarted it and the motor got up and ran. Checked the run cap and replaced it. Then the motor was running backwards so, I got a new motor to go with the new cap.
    Second was a slow moving blower, less than 50% of full load and the suction pressure indicated a boiling temp. well below 32 deg F. I closed the sheave and start it back up, check pressures and current draw, draw about 80% FLA and suction pressure came back up to 74-75 psig which is where the other one was operating. Head pressures didn't change too much from before to after.
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