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    Skulls and bones???

    Ok, I had a heated discussion with my father inlaw regarding "secret societies"
    and my position is that if we know about them and can google for info about them then they ain't so secret.

    Skulls and bones,Mason's, Illuminatie (spelling?) Theres a bunch more I can't remember..

    My question is... have you heard of them (any) or have any dealing's with any? and do you think along my lines that IF they do exist they ain't secret cause I know about them.

    ( This was a long discussion on wether or not the CIA took down the trade center and all kinds of stuff)
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    Knowing the name and knowing the internal working of these organizations are two very different things. It's the latter that makes them secret.


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    Shhh not so loud...

    Here's one that denies it's own existance... Read down about the conspiracy theories...Look at the list of attendees... Draw your own conclusions...

    Shhh... I wouldn't be surprised if higher authorities try to silence me and this thre...
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    Good point. my question is this..does the fact that they are known to exist negate the possibility that they have any REAL influence on society?
    They are known to exist and hence they are not secret. Soo their actions can be scrutinized.

    Honestly I doubt anyone of any importance in any of these organizations (if they exist) would respond to aknowledge that they do or do not have an influence in our government at any capacity.

    I'm simply asking... in your expierence and opinion.. Could? these secret societies exist and have a profound imact in the world?

    If so then please tell me your expierence.

    I highly doubt this thread will get many responses.......but then again...why not????
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, for the ungratefull, have done so much for so long with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

    Refrigeration is all the same weather your making Ice, refrigerating or freezing the product.

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    O.K , here's the deal from a rational point of view, mine need it because the myths of this sort of thing are never ending.

    all of those "secret" societies really exist including the Rosicrusions(sp),
    Knights of Columbus, Shriners, the political Tri-Lateral Commision, and the knights of the golden circle(member John Wilks Booth)

    ...although the Illuminati was supposidly disbanded after the leader became a Catholic and died, many people think they reformed.

    the Freemasons are very real and very large, their "temples" are all over the place. far as being a "secret society", they once were but now their full name includes "free and accepted masons"

    the reason why the Masons became "secret" is because they draw their traditions from actual stone masons of the past, and they needed to keep their skills and their passwords secret.
    stone masons of the past knew secret code words that determined how they get paid.
    in the 1700's they opened up their ranks to people who weren't actually stone masons, it is still very big with trades, cops, lawyers and doctors.
    i guarantee you there are many people reading these forums who are members of this organization.

    during the time of the late 1700's , because of restrictions of education by the King of England, it was very common for intellectuals to be members of several societies who studied things in private.
    many American founding fathers were Masons, the architecture of Washington D.C. is drenched in Masonic symbolism and rituals.

    the first 3rd party that seriously produced a Presidential candidate was the Anti-Mason party.
    this party became powerfull after a former member of the Masons who printed a book exposing the society ended up dead.

    the primary studys of the Freemasons involve geometry and movement of the stars and planets.

    pagan holidays are still celebrated withing our current calander, in things like Groundhog day.

    Skull and Bones is a very exclusive society that is based in Yale university.
    they actually have the skulls of some famous people like Pancho Villa.
    G.H.W.Bush was a member and so was John Kerry.
    people assume G.W Bush and Clinton were members because they attended Yale, but i don't think it's ever been confirmed.
    the Skull and Bones society is a primary recruiting ground of the CIA because of the strong oath of secrecy.

    secret societies aren't much different from college fraternities or local clubs like Kiwanas.
    the ones we call "secret" are larger and more international.

    the reason why people like me view these organizations as "evil" is because they practice exclusion, secret agenda, and ritual.
    An organization like the Freemasons teach people how to get along with their fellow man instead of focusing on right and wrong, like religions like Christianity, which causes conflict and has an open set of rules for anyone to read.

    ..of course , if you don't believe in Jesus and Christianity, then, you'll probably think these are just some good ol' chaps out to smoke a cigar or two and talk about their investments.

    to answer your question, they definatly DO have a major influence on our society, what exactly it is they do and if they have some kind of agenda is unknown.
    the myths are never ending.
    all i can tell you 100% for sure is for the last 50 years our nation has been turning to crap and these little groups aren't helping anything.
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