I have worked for a Stoelting Rep and went to Stoelting training at the plant in Keil Wisconsin. I still service Stoelting, Taylor, & Electro-Freeze (Duke). Stoeltings are good if you use the gravity feed models. The Ones that have a pump to fill the barrel are nightmares in the field. Mostly due to customer's not doing their due diligence and proper maintenance but what end user ever does??? Stoeltings are mostly gearbox driven and the gearbox is EXTREMELY expensive to replace when they fail. (Note I say WHEN not IF.) Electro-Freeze seem to be the simplest and most able to stand up to customer misuse and abuse. Taylors and Stoeltings are alright but over priced and over complicated. I have at least one Sonic franchisee who has sworn off both Taylor and Stoelting and will only buy the Electro Freeze from now on.