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    Quote Originally Posted by DBARTG View Post
    Then I'm glad it's in the 70's here. I appreciate the Carrier-Bryant advise. Even though the Lennox quote is a few hundred dollars less, my gut feeling is to pass on them. I am the original owner of the house and I paid extra to the builder to install the Lennox Pulse system with the electronic air filters, but over the past 15 yrs it's one thing after another with Lennox. I just looked over my repair history and spent approx 45% of the price of a new unit. Granted it was over a 15 year period but not sure if that is good, bad or average.

    I'm in a good mid-west city area with a good choice of contractors. I checked the local BBB and they came up with satisfactory ratings. Next stop is to check with the Carrier-Bryant folks.
    I know I will have more questions...Thanks for your help.
    Now that you are headed in the right direction as far as brand, the next thing you need is a contractor who also knows how to correctly evaluate your duct system to be sure it will flow the proper amount of air so you will receive the full capabilities of your system and a contractor who will perform a Manual J, D, and S to insure your home will have a properly designed system.

    Go to this web site to find a contractor in your area who is trained in airflow and is a Carrier / Bryant dealer so you can receive the best of the best.

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    You bet! I'll go to the site now.....Thanks and have a good evening!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBARTG View Post
    Thanks for your replies. I'm glad it's not in the middle of August with my A/c on the fritz.
    Which brings me to note of a comment by one of the contractors. He said that if it was in August or any other real hot period, they would charge extra for replacing my upstairs A/C unit (I have pull down steps for easy access) due to the heat.
    Is this an industry standard?
    This was standard for me when I was contracting. It simply takes longer to work in extreme heat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadeinUSA View Post
    Lennox is over built and in a lot of areas of the country it is difficult for non-Lennox dealers to obtain warranty parts when the need arises.

    What? I have never had any problem getting any Lennox part within the warranty period warrantied, or Carrier or anyone period, I have never heard of anyone having a problem with any warranty of any mfg. maybe it's just a Houston thing.
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    It is not the brand ....
    It is the installation and warranty and superior service after the sale.

    Look for a contractor that will offer a ten year parts and labor and preventative maintenance schedule that is good with you.

    You can get just about the same P&L from all of thoses manufacturers and as for preventative maintenance, you will better off with a contractor that has been around for awhile that has a good reputation. DO NOT use the CHEAPER fly by night company
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    F/U question. The Units that were quoted to me were:Lennox XC13-036 13.5 SEER ,R-410A A/C Unit with the Lennox CX34-43C (3.5 ton) evaporator Coil
    (Digital Thermostat extra)
    and the Carrier Comfort Series 24ACA3036 13 seer 3 ton Puron (includes Thermostats). Would you guys consider these as builders grade Units? (House size is 2700 sf upper floor and 2500 sf lower level).

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