Hello, I have a question regarding heat loss for a sterilizer/autoclave. I am looking at a cut sheet for an AMSCO Century medium steam sterilizer 26" x 37.5" - North America. I see that the loss is 14650 BTU/HR, but my question is where does the heat loss occur? We have a sterilizer room for the sterilizers, but they (sterilizers) are accessed from an instrument storage room.

Before I ask my question, I would like to mention that we typically include the heat loss for the sterilizers in the room that they are placed in. Then realized that there will also be heat loss in the other room where the sterilizer is opened.

Does the heat loss occur mainly in the sterilizer room, or in the instrument storage room, or both? If it is from both, any technical information showing the heat loss values would be greatly appreciated.