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Thread: DDC Controls

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    Confused DDC Controls

    Is there ddc controls for commercioal refrigeration, like reach-in cooliers or walk-in cooliers?

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    What are you tying to accomplish? A DDC control no matter what brand can do many things from controlling, monitoring, alarming, internet access and control, email and phone alerts. You name it and it can most likely be done.

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    mbarson is correct; however the caution lies with the location of the controllers and if the sensors range is that within low temp requirements.
    I worked on a Wal-Mart system that used Novar controls for their defrost, compressor staging, monitoring pressures, temperature, etc. I could do the same thing with t.a.c's Vista line of controllers.

    They bought out Com-trol which in my understanding refrigeration is more of Com-trol's specialty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beer can View Post
    Is there ddc controls for commercioal refrigeration, like reach-in cooliers or walk-in cooliers?
    Anybodys DDC system can accomplish this. Not sure you would want it to actually control its operation. I think it would be counter productive. Now monitoring is a different story. Soon it will be common place to have "chips" built into factory equipment that will be able to network. This technology will be able to tell you everything you would ever need to know on what the unit is doing remotely. Temps, Pressures, door think of it it will probably have the ability to do it.

    It will never replace putting your eyeballs on it, but it should give you a idea on what to expect when you get there, or catch little problems before they become big.

    Google Tridium Sedona This technology or simular ones will be in everything in a few years.

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