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    Hmm Physics 101

    Can warm air hold more water vapor than cold air?

    Quick Answer
    Warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air. The higher the temperature of the air, the greater the capacity it has to hold water vapor.
    Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air in comparison to what the air can hold. A relative humidity of 40 percent means that the air is only 40 percent saturated with moisture and can hold more water vapor.

    In general, for each 20 F decrease in temperature, the relative humidity doubles. This means that as the temperature goes up, the relative humidity decreases; in other words, with the same amount of water vapor, cold air is more saturated than warm air.

    What I am attempting is to explain very simply is why a home has low humidity in the winter As I implied and as John stated it is most often do to too many uncontrolled air exchanges. Having Mother Nature “PUSH IN” cold “Relative Dry Air” after the building has exhausted warm humid air! You may want to look at some tables to understand what I have been explaining for the past 25 years that as yet not understood (again ahead of my time Teddy LOL) is indoor wind chill! I have all the tables in my research files, if you cannot find them.
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    when it gets warmer outside you might want to get a blower door test it will tell you how tight your home is. Your electric company might be able to help you with it. If windows other than kitchen or bathrooms are sweating , more humidity will only make it worst. High humidity will go from high to lower humidity and cold.

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