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    you should be able to use any trane dealer, check the yellow page and ask

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    Thumbs up You can use any Trane dealer to take care of warranty work...

    Quote Originally Posted by lordhelmet View Post
    If I do recall correctly they also make the installing company do the repairs
    The nice thing about a trane extended warranty is that is it a warranty with trane...not with your if you are unhappy with your installer, you can choose to go to any trane dealer to take care of your warranty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by catmanacman View Post
    trane might make the installing co come and perform a inspection on the equipment at your cost before selling you the warranty
    Inspections are usually required when equipment is over 9 months old and will require a dealers signature. Most likely the dealer you go to buy an extended warranty if you can't get one from trane directly will probably want to inspect the equipment anyways which may result in a service call but in the long run it may very well be worth it!

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    Smile Purchase warranty through any dealer....

    Quote Originally Posted by tgerd View Post
    Thanks for all the valuable comments. We decided to go ahead with the warranty. The problem is our contractor won't return our calls or emails. Does the warranty have to be purchased from the contractor who did the install? Or can we purchase it from another authorized Trane installer? Thanks. -tgerd

    It can be purchased from any Trane dealer. Prices may vary from dealer to dealer also.

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    Which Trane system do you have.
    The XLi series has a 10 year parts warranty on everything when installed as a system, and a 2 year labor warranty.

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