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    All Games Interactive (Want to Talk Games?)

    I have been listening and participating in this show for about a year now. I love it.

    It's a daily live show. It's usually 2 hours with Friday being an unconstrained show in terms of time. You can call in toll free or through Skype to discuss games or give input. You can also chat with the hosts and 100+ users during the show to discuss games/entertainment/etc.. That's the unique aspect of this show.

    It's led by Scot Rubin, one of the pioneers of G4 TV, Lawrence Young, and Jessica Villarreal. They sometimes conduct interviews with developers such as those behind The Agency MMO for PS3/PC. They've also recently talked with the developers of TheGameCompany, and Tabula Rasa on PC.

    They always attend events such as E3, CES, and private events held by game developers and publishers.

    EDIT: The show time right now is actually 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT. You can always listen to the archive of the show. They post the mp3 file for others to download from iTunes or on their website for free later on the day of the live show.

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    You might enjoy this then wom
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