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    HVAC pours water

    I am trying to understand why a neighbors HVAC system pours water. Their home has poured water from a pipe under the eave of 2 story home. The water pours when the air conditioner is running.

    They say that they have had 2 different air conditioning companies out, and both state that the air conditioner is fine. No other homes in the neighborhood, have this issue. The homes are anywhere from 5-9 years old.

    Trying to troubleshoot in the dark,.. and I have a blonde understanding of how an AC works,... Mine appears to drain to the sewer not outside. I believe I should have a pan with a switch in it also,.. although I am not able to identify these parts on my system.

    The neighbors enclosed the attic space above the garage and put that space under air.

    Did they over tax the AC system? Did they not allow for proper return? Did they bypass some other drain system? Do they just have a clog?

    If this continues it will cause severe foundation damage to their home, fortunately that is not my repair dollar. However the ground stays so saturated (not puddled) that the saturation has spread onto my property. I am concerned about erosion, not to mention the continuous lawn mower repairs from the hydrostatic drive lawn mower being stuck in the mud.

    What problems could they be having? Any advise on how to address this situation? The issue has been pointed out to them on a number of occasions, however they are not concerned,.. it doesn't bother them in the least,.. and they don't mow their yard so their mower is not getting stuck.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and trying to comprehend what I want to say

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    I am guessing that the condensate line is run into that space and dumps out there as opposed to being run to a drain somewhere or a slop sink. It may be running normally, but you just need to extend the drain line or run it to a real drain.

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    Put a dog dish under it and invite a bunch of dogs over for free drinks.

    Or call a contractor and have it re-directed, unless your just a nosy neighbor and the owner of this pipe is not concerned.
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    My condensate line runs into my sump pump. The sump pump dicharge line ended only 6 inches from the foundation of the house. To the existing 6" long PVC stub, I added a 5' long plastic flexible hose so the sump pump discharge water now feeds the rose bushes.

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    As stated above its the primary drain

    the other possibility is that its the over flow or emergency line draining to a visible location - this means the primary drain on the A/C is not functioning correctly - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    It could be the secondary, or the primary drain line.
    If its the primary drain line. Other then it should have been ran closer to the ground, its working right.
    As far as water running to your property. Not much they have to do about it.
    if you are truely concerened about your property, and mover. pay for it to ran somewhere else.
    They don't care, so they won't.
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