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    Well its a mechanical room with two combustion air ducts, its in the middle of the house and basement level. The cap is just above the ridge and more than 4 feet from the roof. I thought of that too as when i got there it was only 16inches from the roof and a foot below the ridge. I fixed that.

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    Make sure the fireplace damper is closed. In a tight home A fireplace will snag air anywhere it can find it. If the furnace is in a unheated place you might cancel the draft.
    In a fix a draft inducer will work. I've had to use them when the furnace was near a commercial kitchen.
    Because the water is on the flue also it should keep the flue warm enough to draft. If it's back drafting also I'd probably look for whatever is causing a negative pressure in the home.
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    2' above peak, or 10' lateralfrom roof or other objects.
    So it runs through the cold attic also.
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