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Thread: Mayday Baskets

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    Mayday Baskets

    Has anyone else ever heard of this before?

    Back when I was a kid, I lived in Nebraska up until I was about 9 years old.
    Every year on May 1st, we would take dixie cups full of candy and treats, and fill them up, and then take them to our neighborhood friends' hoouses. We would set them on their porch, then ring their doorbell and run. They would then have to guess who gave them the may basket.

    Since then, I hjave never seen or heard of anyone doing this.

    Has anyone else ever heard of this, or did you do it as a kid?

    Let's hear where you are (or were when/if Y'all did this) or if you ever heard of it.

    I am curious to see if it was just something we did in our neighborhood or if it is a tradition that others have done also. Definatly one of those great childhood memories for me!

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    Long time tradition. haven't done or though about it since I was a kid. Long long time ago.
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    We used to do it here in IL when I was a kid. If you did it now some one would probably sue you for giving their kids candy without permission.

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    We used to do that in Nebraska in the late 70's early 80's. I wonder if they still do that? I moved to FL in '85. I lived in Milford pop. 2000.

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    Some still do May baskets in Nebraska. My grandaughter made a bunch last night and will be delivering them today. My kids all did them when they were younger also. Its fun for the kids. Now they put in more school suppliy type stuff (pencils, pads of paper) but still a little candy.

    Happy May day!!!
    Its a good Life!

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    Happy May Day!

    Bo Big Red!

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    When we lived in Niverville, New York we had a nice elderly neighbor that lived next door. Mrs. Shaver would make May Day baskets made of flowers. She would then go around and hang them on the door knobs of neighbors and her church friends.

    The tradition died as she did.

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    We used to do the Maypole thing every year at school in DC, but that was the extent of it. Never heard of May baskets, though.

    How about if we start a movement to add 1May as a national holiday. I haven't had a long weekend in some time, and Memorial Day is over 4 weeks away still...
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    I'd about forgot about that Pat! Thanx!!!!! I'm gonna make my litte 2 some May Day baskets! In Colorado we only gave um to girls that we wanted to wrassle! I gave out LOTS of um.
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