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    Frown horrible horrible smell

    I installed a basement watchdog ( battery powered ) 1 month ago and the damn battery took a **** on me. The sulfer was so bad that we could not even be in the house. At first I did not know exactly what the smell was because it was so vague throughout the house. The smell led me to our utility room and as soon as I opened the door, the smell almost knocked me down it was so bad. To top it off, the furnace kicked on and the whole house was unbearable. We called the fire department and what they found was the watchdog battery cooking because the charger never stopped charging the battery. 1 month, that's all it took. We took the whole system back to Home Depot and they said that they have been having problems with these systems. Obviously I am not going back the watchdog so my question is, does anyone know a real good brand to choose from. One that is reliable and not choke in 1 month. Any information would be absolutely appreciated. Thanks.

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    Somehow I would expect a bad smell from having a watchdog take a $h!t in the basement.

    What's a watchdog anyway?
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    Its a battery backup sump pump system.

    for a serious system, check out the Zoeller Aquanot. It is only available through plumbers and is more expensive than the watchdog but is well worth the money.

    I have one that is at least 25 years old and still going strong. It was actually made by a different company before Zoeller bought them out. Obviously it has had a few new batteries. Also the charger was replaced when a power surge fried my old one. However the pump keeps ticking and it also has a capacity equivalent to a 120 volt pump

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    If you have municipal water service, you may want to consider a water-powered backup. These use city water pressure to extract sump water with a venturi.

    I purchased one last year made by Liberty Pumps and have been pleased with it. Zoeller makes one, as do several other companies. In the spring, the water table around here rises and my sump pump ends up running every 3-5 minutes. If my primary pump were to fail for any length of time, a battery powered backup wouldn't last too long. Now, I may have a high water bill one month, but that's nothing compared to the cost of refinishing my basement.

    Call your local plumber or plumbing supply house. The place I got mine had 3 different models to choose from in different price ranges....All depends on whether you trust the plastic one, or want to fork over the extra $$$ for solid brass. One thing to remember though: install a backflow prevention valve in the supply line to prevent any chance of sump water getting back into your drinking supply.

    Unfortunately, if you're stuck on a well, you're stuck with a battery.

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