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    Lennox vs Carrier

    I am looking into getting a heat pump installed. I have two quotes I am currently looking at- both from reputable companies. One is offering a Lennox and the other is offering a Carrier. I have been doing some research on the internet and have found quite a bit of contridicting opinions. Is that simply how it is? Is is like how some people prefer Toyota's and other's Honda's? Both companies are coming in at pretty much the same quote for a 13 Seer 3 Ton Heat pump. This is not my area of expertise and as a mom of three young kids my head is starting to hurt with all these new terms I am learning and trying to keep my kids happy while I search the internet. Thought maybe you all could shed a little light on the subject.

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    #1 It's not always the equipment that matters, but the contractor who install's and makes it function as it was designed to do.

    I sell Carrier and they are reliable equipment with good warranty. Lennox also makes a good product with the same warranty. So, your back to square #1 which contractor is going to do the best job? Ask for reference of other installs of same size equipment in your area.Ask neighbor's who they use, call BBB or ACCA in your area.
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    This may help with the head ache:
    Since most manufacturers make a tier of product you should get specific and complete model numbers.

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    I was brainwashed into thinking that Lennox was the Mercedes of AC's with all the bells and whistles. But it's not true, especially as more time passes. Now Lennox has a great line of products. But as Aircooled53 said, that top of the line piece of equipment can give you flea market results if installed wrong. And vice versa with an OK unit but good installation. IMO if both companys are reputable,TO YOU, then go for the better bang for your buck. Good Luck

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