Not really sure what they were thinking. Unit has been serviced twice that they could remember, once for a fan motor and once about a month ago when "uncle Joe" put some refridgerant in because he "thought" it was low.

Found the following:

1. Blower motor pulling high amps in furnace, could have been due to the amount of dirt built up in the blower wheel...the fins were completely full
2. Compressor capacitor rated at 20 mfd was actually reading 14.7 mfd
3. Fan motor capacitor rated at 5 mfd was actually reading 2.1 mfd
4. Fan blade had a 3 inch crack in it
5. Both valve cores were leaking to the point you could hear the hiss when you took off the caps (explains why I needed channel locks to get them off)
6. Unit was sitting in 3 inches of water under the deck
7. Needed 17 degrees of superheat for proper charge...actual reading was 3 degrees

This stuff never ceases to amaze me!