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    Can't seem to identify this control board. Any ideas?

    We're working on an old 10ton York Unit and we can't seem to identify this board. Part numbers are worn off. Anybody have any ideas what this is and what we could replace this with?
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    Where do all the wires connect ? It looks like either a lockout relay or anti short cycle timer.

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    It connects to the thermostat and the air handler.

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    A bit more information would help. I see 5 wires, Are they R,C ,Y does the relay breaks the contactor control ? Are their any safeties in line?

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    Have you called York with the model and serial #'s of the unit? If this is a factory installed part they will be able to get you the info. Also look at the wiring diagram and see what it shows the device as.
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    I'm not so sure that it is a factory item. As Crab said, the schematic is right there, check it out. If it is not on the schematic than it is a third party add-on. My guess is that thing is some sort of time delay for the fan to let the heat exchanger warm up before starting the fan and let the heat ex cool down when the heat turns off. Just a guess. There are many options to replacing that if it does what I mentioned.

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    What abou the model serial numbers?
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    It looks like an old delay on make/break to me. Not enough "stuff" on the board to be much else.
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