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    will a new Hi eff gas furnace hinder my central AC ?

    If I go with a new ng furnace and remove my exsisting oil furnace but leave my a-coil will my exsisting ac still operate like it does now ?

    The way it runs now works great ! It is a 2 ton carrier unit and cools my house great and removes humidity great too. Just wondered if that will chg with a new furnace ?

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    If your new furnace has a VS blower, it may improve how your A/C works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
    If your new furnace has a VS blower, it may improve how your A/C works.


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    Choose your contractor carefully. If the furnace isn't sized correctly not only will you suffer from discomfort but you'll also pay a higher price for operation. In contrast to some opinions expressed on this site, if your ducts are too small for the blower installed, you'll pay a premium for electricty to run the unit. This is doubly true for a variable speed blower because it will try till it dies to move the CFM's it's been assigned to move. How do you avoid getting the wrong contractor who puts in the wrong furnace? Do your homework. Congratulations on starting with this website. You'll find it's got a lifetimes worth of highly skilled and knowledgable professionals. We don't always agree with products or brands but we always agree on the right way to do it. Read my attatchment and I know you'll find the right contractor and avoid the discomfort of trying to reinvent the wheel.
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    Know not at all if it's installed correct... and the blower is set at the correct CFM ..

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