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Thread: No one told me.

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    No one told me.

    I went by a building we service to reprogram the T-stats. We installed five RTU's last year, four that we do the service on and one that the tenant is responsible for. While I am there I figure I will check the filters on the other one. I do this because the guy is an A-hole and I am sure he has not changed them. Well they are blocked solid, the guy is not there so his wife calls him. I tell him he needs to change the filters...NOBODY TOLD ME Well yes, I did...NOBODY TOLD ME Yes I did and I left you a full box of filters (as I do on all new jobs) He often do they need to be changed...about every three months...NOBODY TOLD ME THAT... Well yes... I did. So I ask him where are the filters I didn't leave you...I DON'T KNOW... He goes on to explain how no one came in to talk to him and no filters were left, this after just telling me he does not know where they went.
    I think the filters were there somewhere.
    Now you are the owner and sent an employee to talk to the guy and give him spare filters. He is now telling you your employee did not do his job and did not leave any filters...what do you do. Unfortunately the unsuspecting employee would get hammered. I was the guy so I guess I will have to yell at myself. This guy did not pay a penny for a new RTU or the spare filters...what an A-hole.

    Now for a laugh
    This very same guy was with the electrician as he was pulling new power from the basement to the roof. They must of been getting along well because the guy reached up and grabbed the electricians butt...yes that's right he grabbed his butt...gave it a good squeeze from what I heard. This guys wife is hot...I guess not hot enough. The electrician left the job never to return. I told my son we work as a team doing the tie in. When I was talking to the guy I kept moving so I was never in a position to get squeezed.

    That's my story for today.
    "Nothing else can poison our culture, corrupt our society or ruin the character of our people like unearned money or unearned opportunity." -- James R. Cook

    "Fooling around with alternating current is just a waste of time. Nobody will use it, ever." Thomas Edison, 1889.

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    You should move to ca., thats how the guys say hello out here, squezz your butt.

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    Coolwhips silver hammer would fall upon his head...bonk, take that you friggin homo!
    “Now the freaks are on television, the freaks are in the movies. And it’s no longer the sideshow, it’s the whole show. The colorful circus and the clowns and the elephants, for all intents and purposes, are gone, and we’re dealing only with the freaks.” - Jonathan Winters

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbird View Post
    You should move to ca., thats how the guys say hello out here, squezz your butt.
    Then I'd turn around and say hello by kicking him in the nuts!!!!

    Unless it's football, I don't need to be seeing one guy touch another guy's butt!
    True Heavy Metal Geek

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    That's pretty funny. I could only imagine what this guys home system looks like.

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