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    6400 Carrier Comfort Controllers

    Has anyone had a Comfort Controller just stop communicating with ServiceTool V while programming the controller? Right in the middle of a download I'll get a No Responce from Device error message and from then on I can't communicate at all. I'm using the latest edition of ServiceTool V and USB to CCN Converter. Anyone else having problems?
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    Initialize the controller (with the ram flush lead) most likely there is a configuration problem in the files that you are trying to download.

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    Also if it's connected to a primary comms, then unplug it while you do the download, that stops the controller from trying to read and write info across the network while you're trying to download to it.

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    The RS-232/RS-485 converter I use on my old laptop has never failed me yet,some controllers have been bad with no default address and could not be found even with the loop disconected and pluged in to the controller.

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    Do you have ComfortView? or access to it?

    If you have the ComfortView software, I would "flush" the controller and start over with Cview. I have been programming 6400 controllers for over 10 years, and have not yet been satisfied with the NSTV when using it to program
    Unless one of the other suggestions has helped you..(please post which one) I would ditch the NSTV for 6400's.
    NSTV is fine for other CCN devices (3V, CID, etc).

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    A little know secret. Do a adress search with NSTV and enter Bus 0, elem 0, and it may find it.
    Prob is the point descriptions don't show up in NSTV.

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