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    Compressor Fan Constantly ON

    I had my unit serviced last week. It included taking off the walls and top of the compressor unit and hosing it out with a cleaner. After he put it back together, I noticed that the fan on the compressor unit outside is now constantly on. The compressor is not on, just the fan blades keep circling. I checked and yes, the unit inside is completely off. I presume this is an easy fix, just a wiring mistake when he put it back together? It is a TRANE unit.

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    May be a wiring mistake. Or could be a part. There is a part that could make it do this. It can go bad just from distrubing it. Not a major thing though.
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    Call them back to look at the system. Nothing wrong with same tech coming back. Give him a chance to remedy problem. I had a ruud that did the same thing to me. turned out to be a short, motor turning @ partial speed.

    If fan is turning @ full speed I would venture to say he simply wired to wrong side of contactor. LOL easy to do some times, hanging upside down behind units installed to close to home.

    Did the tech give any recommendations on repairs?

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