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    Hybrid System Cost Effective in Northwest?

    I heat with a propane furnace, augmented with a wood airtight stove in the Pacific Northwest. We burn about 2 or 3 cords of wood per year to help out the furnace. Propane is creeping up in price... we had a $500 bill for one two month period this winter (including domestic hot water and clothes dryer). It usually costs about $300 per two or so months in winter months and $100 in the summer months.

    The winters here are pretty mild... mostly around 40F with a couple of "Arctic Blasts" in the 20's or 30's each year. The house is 1750 sq ft and the well insulated. It has a Rheem furnace installed when the house was built 11 yrs ago. We have no air conditioning and rarely need it (maybe 10 days per year).

    Any suggestions? I don't know whether we should upgrade our system or not.

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    Not sure whether it would pay or not

    But I could e-mail you the formulas to work it the operating costs comparisons. Then you could work out just hot cost effective it could be.

    How are your electric rates up there?

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    Electric rates are pretty low here, but like everything else are going up. Lots of neighbors who built here 20 yrs ago went all electric when hydro power was dirt cheap but complain now. Lots of people complain, tho'.

    Installation of a hybrid system will entail dragging a new 220 line (we have a 30 amp one in the house). I'm just trying to figger out if the installation of one of these systems will ever pay off. Firewood isn't as cheap as once it was, tho' we still split our own;-).

    If you think a "calculator" will help with my decision, please send it along.

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    Wildman -

    Better e-mail me then -

    CJE at
    The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.

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    If by hybrid you mean heat pump I say do it.
    Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

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