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Thread: Divorce

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    It may be a blessing in disguise. Most times you will meet another woman and can't imagine how you ever lived without her. I have been there too and I'm happier now, for the last ten years, than any other time in my 56 years.

    Hang in there.

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    Wow man hang in there.

    I don't know why woman do this crap. And leaving the area just turns the knife after they've stuck it in, I'm sure.

    My mom divorced my dad after 25 years or so. I had a sister 20 years younger than me. She was about 5 at the time. My mom met a guy on the internet and moved from Arizona to Canada. We are all in Arizona. They have been up there ever since. My little sister is 17 turning 18 this year! My dad paid child support the ENTIRE TIME and has not seen her since she was 5 or 6!

    My brother got his divorce about 10 years ago or so. His ex moved to Idaho but he gets to see them a FEW times a year IF he pays for PLANE TICKETS!

    I got divorced form 1st wife about 10 years ago myself. It sucked at the time and I tried to fix it. But she just wanted to party and go have fun with other people who just sat and got drunk like her.
    LUCKILY for me she left the 2 yr old daughter with me so she could have her fun drinking and doing drugs. By time I got the divorce going she got into so much trouble with drugs and alcohal that I got legally custody.
    The kid is 13 now and the ex is now trying to be a mom after wife #2 has been there since she was 5 or so. I wanna kick the ex to the curb. She never even paid child support. Women sure think that because they were the mom, they will ALWAYS be the mom. BullSh*t!!!

    Well, I know two people who got screwed by the ex's moving right after the divorce.
    Maybe some advice from the other members here is a good idea. Maybe you can somehow keep her local IF she is going to have custody.
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    I have no keen advice to add or stories to tell. Just want you to know that I hope all comes out okay and I wish you a smooth outcome on what is going to be a bumpy ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balystic View Post
    Don't think so.

    Layer up man. She CAN NOT LEAVE THE STATE and keep custody.

    If she leaves, she leaves the kids with you - period.

    If you laywer up, she stays or you get the kids - no 2 ways about it.

    I've had clients who have this idea that they want to leave hubby, and go to, say, Hawaii.

    I tell them to prepare to spend life in Paradise WITHOUT THE KIDS! They don't get the right to divorce, then go live elsewhere and take the kids.

    The ***LAW*** takes into account your position.

    Lawyer up and he/she will stop that sh!t ASAP!
    i was told she could leave, but she would have to pay for him to come see the kids

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    Do you have a garden?

    I always tell my wife that a shovel is cheaper then a divorce!

    Sorry to hear about that, I hate that women feel they have total control over the children.

    I agree, get a lawyer and protect yourself and the kids.
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    We will be pullin for you torino, you gotta find a way to focus on whats important, as hard as it will be. I've been divorced 3 times, you can make it through this. Try to keep your head clear of hate and anger, it only makes it worse.
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    Twilli been married and divorced 4 times and Twilli turned out alwhite
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    Yeah. Happened to me a few years back. Caught the ex-wife cheating. Divorced. She left the state so, in effect, I had very little visitation save for when she would return once in a great while to visit friends or relatives (she moved clear across the country so it was very dificult for me to get the time off work or the $$$ to make the trip too often). The lawyer told me that there was very little that I could do, save travel to that particular state and have a lawyer in that state take up the issue. Nothing about the thing seemed fair to me. I would have had to been a wealthy man to fight the issue and it might have dragged on for years.

    The good news is that life does go on. I remarried and have four great kids and a wife who is wonderful and relatively sane (except when I leave my dirty socks on the bed!). Things have a way of working out, even though, at the time, it seems like it can never get better. It certainly does get better. Hang in there. This is not a cliche, it is indeed a truth of life- things will work out.
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    Thanks for the replies and support. Last monday was not good, my wife called the cop's on me. No one went to jail. My wife and I both agreed that for the time being the best thing would be for her and the kids to go back to Indiana until I finish my schooling(AAS HVAC) After that is done I hope and pray we can become a FAMILY again. The biggest reminder of my loss is when I get home from work or class and the house is dark and quiet. I miss the sound of sponge Bob square pants on the tv,and my son laughing his little butt off. I even miss that hip-hop music my daughters liked. One more thing I have noticed, I no longer live in a HOME! Without my wife and children here this is just a house.
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    Yes, and quiet house is a lonely sound. Who here doesn't know that sound well?

    As tough as it is, stay active. Do something. A stagnant mind is a brooding mind. Like my sig says, Too much thinking time ain't good for you. Work. Work hard. If you're tired and feel like crap, take those last Friday calls anyway. Get home late when you're too tired to think about it. Work like you're one day away from starvation. As bad as you feel, you will feel better if you work. Booze and Drugs, anger and remorse ain't the answer... Work is. The less time you spend feeling sorrow for yourself, the better.

    Work. More work. Work like you are needed even if it's the other way around. Man's ability to work is his salvation.

    Only then will you feel better about everything in your life.

    Carry on.
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    stay away from the bottle... trust me!
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    Talking "stay away from the bottle... trust me!"

    Thats never been a problem with me. I still have half of a six-pack of Dos-Equis left over from new years eve.
    I don’t always drink beer, but when I do I prefer Dos-Equis. I am the most interesting man in the world. Stay thirsty my friends.

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    Check the laws of your state.

    This is terrible It will get better as a kid from a divorce I can tell you do the best to let your kids know you care they still love you no matter what (even when the ex runs you down). I'll say a prayer for you and good luck with the ladies after the pain of this is over.

    Remember it's all buisness from this point on.
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