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Thread: Heating Oil ?

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    Heating Oil ?

    What are you guys doing with the oil filters and such when you service an oil furnace/boiler?

    I've been lucky, found an outfit that flushes and recycles then resells the materials for fuel in other industries but others in my area are still just throwing them in the dumpster and sending them to landfill. It is kind of hurting my feelings. Although it is not quite as seemless and transparent as it sounds (my cost of shipping eats my monies I receive), I have been thinking of setting up an independent Coop of dealers in my area just for this service.

    As I am unfamiliar with Coops, I was was wondering if any of you have this experience and how to setup an indepent party to oversee it?

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    I used to throw them in the wood stove

    But I have another question:

    If I take out an oil tank I cannot just throw away the oil and sludge in the bottom - it's hazardous waste.

    But If I fill the tank with oil dry and push it around until the tank is dry inside, I can just bag up the used oil dry and trash it.

    Why is that?
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