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    Found This The Other Day...

    Anybody else ever seen one? I haven't in 17 years of this work.

    I would guess this is from the late 60's or 70's. Just an oddity I stumbled upon.
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    Yes I have and they are from the 70's atleast the one I saw was.I saw one about 5yrs ago and I did not know what it was until I asked my dad when he got there.Turns out that when he was in tech school,he sold them to help him thru college.We took it and put an recovered it and threw the rest of it in the trash.The one that we had we were able to puncture it with one of them 1lb. can puncture tool.It had R-12 in it and we still had an recovery cylinder with some clean 12 in it.

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    I found one of those and a fire extinguisher that worked along the same principle. The label was gone, I didn't know they were made just over the mountain.
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