Man it was to tough decision. I had never got an opertunity to get paid for the actual job you do. The money seemed endless depending on your skill and motivation! Seemed alot better than just an hourly rate.

I moved into another commercial outfit that has great pay and steady hours. The main cons of the other company were, its Residantial, and the slow season! I think i could make a killing in the summer but what about winter? With the economy as bad as it is and winters being mild in Florida, i think it would be tight.

The economy scares me! Also im not crazy about the dirty houses and those nasty customers. Not to mention having to collect money from all the broke people out there. However, those nasty greasy resturants arent really that much better!!!!

Any of you guys on commision??? How do you like it? Seems like the companies push alot of equipment sales. Not sure if i could sell that 80 year old lady a 10k$ unit cause of a leaking coil!!