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    OK....I read the rules and totally agree. I apologize. My question is actually hurting me. But I'm not a do-it- yourselfer. This was gonna be something I winged for the first time. I do respect all the others in ALL the other forums on every site. Once again, I apologize.

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    Side jobs are not good for are trade. But I've done a few only because I'm commercial only. So, no conflict of interest. But I've been underbid by local co. The last 5 bids. not going to take $ out of the local boys pockets for a few bucks. But If you're going to do it

    1 don't use your co truck

    2 don't use your co tools (vac pump, gauges not even there screwdriver)

    3 don't use your co account at the supply house to get discounts. (there price breaks not yours)

    4. NEVER do a job that your co would bid. If they knew about.

    5. If you do it you stand behind it your Married to it dude (Big risk with no insurance)

    in the Long run there just not worth it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy1010 View Post
    Also, how can I get listings of unit price information. When I go to manufacturers sites, they never have there prices listed. Any help would be great. Thanx
    If your not new to the service and install end like you said, I don't understand why you don't know where get prices
    If your not part of the solution, You must be part of the problem

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