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    Waht are you doing to even out the slow times?

    I'm In Miami Fla and our "season " starts soon for the summer but I dread the "winter" slow time because customers don't want to talk to you till its summer time. Looking to add on something to my existing business to fill in slow times. We started selling pmas last year but need to go along way to cover payroll and overheads.

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    I dabble in a few things. Metal roofing, laminate wood flooring, siding, picking up cans off the side of the road.

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    Near Atlanta, GA.

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    last year we added insulation. bought a Blower and a truck to haul the insulation in, people dont really think about it in the summer but in the winter when its colder out, we really sell adding insulation and doing new projects keeps the guys from sitting in the shop all day and sweeping the floor,and the like, this year were gonna try doing the batting in the walls as well as blown in just to see how it goes, gotta keep the guys busy some how,
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    online secondary education. that and a laptop so I can go control-side when the filter changers take over the pm work.
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    Like to see filter changers at slow times they make problems. (like the pole and the nail trick to grab the filter and hit the 20 ton coil) But when all eles fails there are house hold refigerators that nobody will do.

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