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    WOW!, i wasn't aware tune-ups were so important

    Edison Power Company , California

    "call to have your AC tune-up"
    Edison does tune-ups now?, i didn't realize they needed the extra cash.

    "you can save 10% of your bill with an AC maintenace"
    "if everyone had an AC tune-up, it would be the equivalent of taking 125,000 cars off the road"

    "call to find out about Edison's energy saving programs to save more money off you electric bills", the latest state-of-the-art technology of saving energy by turning off your AC for you?

    WOW!, ...what an age we live in...

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    There are two things at play here, first there is a genral mistrust of people in this industry. This is exascerbated by the side jobbers. Homeowners see the "pricing" offered by sidejobbers and think some contractors are crooks, and some contractors are indeed, crooks. We need to stop the bleeding by cracking down on mechanics doing side jobs. This undercuts the industry because in most cases those guys are uninsured and do not pay taxes, In addition, they use your trucks and tools and take profit from the company. Too many issues to list. Second, big corporations right now are flailing. With the poor financial climate we are in, they are loking at any way to increase revenues. If they can get joe homeowner to trust them to service the equipment, there is a big customer base they can grab, and have residual income from that.

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    Edision does not due tune ups, it is a proven fact that 70% of units are improperly charged and unmaintained.

    Edision has a list of properly trained contractors that they recommend in your area to perform your inspection and maintance.
    "Correct Installation is the Key"

    .1 has killed more HX then Rush Limbaugh

    What is your TESP?

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