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    Ideal Ductless placement

    I have had a couple of quotes for a Ductless Mitsubishi AC/heatpump and was wondering about the differences in placement of the compressor. The building is a 1000 Square foot brick structure with a flat roof. One contractor wants to put the compressor standing upright on the flat roof. The other suggests it would be better to hang the compressor off the building or put it at ground level, very near to spot where the outlet will be, saying that the compressor will last longer if it is out of the elements and efficiency will be better if the coolant and heat lines are kept very short.
    Also, will the heat pump efficiency be improved if it is mounted in an area that gets less wind than on the roof?. The wall it would go on faces South if that is a factor?

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    Put it were it will look good and not be in the way of anything. Yes you loose some eff. with longer linesets, very minimal. With the cost of copper it would be cheaper to have short linesets. Mounting the unit on the side of the building is fine, the Mitsi units are very quiet and have almost no vibration.

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    i would be more concerned about how it looks than anything shouldn't see any difference in performance

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    it would be better off on the roof, less likely to get stolen that way

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