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    Carrier 50zlf040 factory config

    I found the condenser fans coming on out of sequence, so I was scrolling through the factory config and found that the unit size was set to 024...Fine, I set it to 40 to match the unit nameplate and it wouldn't take it. Carrier tech support had no advice and would get back with me. I tried different numbers until I got 42 to stick and the fans, compressors and unloaders worked in sequence............This was yesterday.......Today I come across an 070 sized unit on another building that wasn't bringing the fans on correctly and the config was set to 034......Again, I tried to input 070 and it wouldn't take. I set it to 074 and unit runs correctly..........Carrier has not gotten back to me yet, so I was hoping ya'll could help me out

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    Has anyone replaced the PSIO module or reloaded the software into the PSIO recently?

    Did you perform a Data Reset after you changed the unit size? Any time you change the factory/field config, you need to do a data reset.

    The unit sizes you are getting the PSIO to accept are for a different unit. A 50ZL should be one of the following 030,035,040,050,060,070,075,090,105 and should match the unit model number. A similiar 50FP would be one of the following 034,044,054,064,074,084,108 and some of the sizes dont match the model number like a 50FP078 is 75tons and unit size 074.

    I would start by getting the software version out of the PSIO & the PSIO part number, then have Carrier match it to the unit model and serial.
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    Did you try 44 that seies of unit was 024,028,034,038 and so on .Do you have the hsio or are you looking at it with a laptop

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