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    Invensys Network 8000 calibration

    I've got a customer with an old system with several gcm modules and the outside air sensor is off about 10 degrees,do any of you guys know if i can calibrate the sensor via the front end?

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    Go to equipment segment-Open correct gcm for sensor- Open correct microzone for sensor- open UI and right click on correct sensor- open settings and go to offset calibration(make sure offset cal type is fixed). you can change the calibration here. Note: as a rule, 10 degrees off means that sensor is now a semisensor.

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    Thanks freerider i'll try it next trip out there.

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    Personally if the sensor is 10F out of calibration I would be replacing the sensor. The Barber Colman sensors are usually not that far off and if they are it usually means its failing or failed.

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