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    Comfortmaker-intercity products

    I have a comfortmaker hvac system. The heat works just fine, however the air quit suddenly the other day. The compressor comes on along with compressor fan outside, but the blower inside the furnace will not come on. When I tried the fan on only the blower still would not come on. so I tried another thermostat and got the same result. The control module in the furnace is The General 90, model 50A50-110. I am thinking it is probably bad, any one seen this before? The system is about 15 years old.

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    This is not a DIY website. Shut down the breaker to your unit and call a service company to come make a proper repair. When the service company arrives show them where the breaker is and tell them what you have done. If you don't you'll likely end up replacing parts that don't need to be replaced and you'll cost yourself more.
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