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    bryant gas furnaces

    there are four of these systems in this churchs little mechanical room if 1 furnace ever fails and has to be changed out, you would be looking at tearing out at least 2 units just to get 1 out
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    I especially like that gas hook up in the first pic. Didn't like the hole in the cabinet? That OK'd by the Revrend?

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    if one fails the rest will also . i don't like the gas piping . i do like gastite but not into the unit like first pic that will not fly in my area they would pull the meter . inspectors are my favorite. had one ask me today where my permit was for my low voltage wire . he was there for the sparky not me. had to get class b on the panel asap

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    Have a school like that, in the basement equipment room there are 7 York condensing furnaces all in a row. Had to replace two last winter, needed to remove one to get to two. A bit time consuming, but a good install. Don't like the gastite into the unit like that, at least should be attached to a hard nipple with a valve.

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    I wish I could say that I have never seen that before but I would not be telling you the truth. I want to know who inspected that one. OH I forgot that was that service tech that cant make it in the real world and trys to moonlight. God help us all, and we wounder why we have a bad rap

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    Bryant FAF

    WHY? do installers (not all of them) place the evaporator tight to the top of the furnace?? Are there not codes to follow Stateside regarding this?? I'm not trying to single anyone out here but it's a costly repair charge to try and clean these properly when installed like this.

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    Is that a Fowler job ?
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    WHY? do installers (not all of them) place the evaporator tight to the top of the furnace??

    For the life of me, I don't know. And to further the problem, the coil boxes are made to fit the top of the furnace. Along with the drain, copper, and flue pipe, all in the way.
    I guess the engineers figure it is a great place for the coil to sit. They most likely don't work on them. So it is all good from were they lay their head at night.
    It seems to me that it has been the dumbest decision they have made and there is no excuse for it to be manufactured like that. But that is the way it is and I don't think it will change.

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