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    While Logging data this morning I found that on my YCWS System#2 the oil level was super low. I don't have any alarms as of yet though. System#2 was not running due to System#1 being able to handle the low demand.

    Typically the bottom sight glass is full and the upper sight glass is half full or less. There are no signs of leaks anywhere.

    Could this be normal, perhaps when this system comes online the oil will re-appear?

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    I checked the chiller again this afternoon. System#2 was running but the oil level was still not visible in the lower sight glass. I shut the system down and swapped chillers but before I did I gathered the following:

    oil psi=148
    oil temp=152
    sat suct=40
    suct sheat=8.8
    sat disch=89.6
    dsch sheat=73
    slide valve=28

    Comparing this info to system#1 they seem to be nearly identical with the exception of the superheat @ 8.8 the other compressors run closer to 12 degrees of superheat.

    I've logged this chiller everyday for the past 3 years that it's been running and all the information seems to be the same other than the oil level.

    Have any of you encountered this type of problem with this equipment?

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    Seems to be caused by low load conditions. Try to shut down #1 and let #2 load and run for awhile. Watch oil pressure if drops you may have other problems, But oil is more than likley in evaporator due to low refrigerant valosity. after it runs for awhile you should see oil come back to sump.

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