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    Hmm Surge Protection

    I will be installing a surge protection devise to my breaker box soon and since I have a new furnace with all the electronic and circuit bds in the new furnace I am wondering if the furnace line itself should have it's own surge protection or is the small fuse that is on the power switch enough to keep the furnace from getting damaged from lightening strike ?

    One other question regarding EAC's, I have a older EAC and would like to know if the cell's that are in the EAC need to be replaced due to age or do they only need to be replaced when they become damaged ? Does age of the cell have a effect of how well they do there job ?

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    I was wondering the same thing and spoke with an installer about it. I guess they normally charge a certain amount to add surge protection to the furnance. For half his price I bought one of these:

    I figure it will not only protect the furnance and compressor, but also everything else in the house. I still have smaller ones on applliances.

    Just curious I was looking at a Trane system, for elertical do the new furnances plug into an outlet or are they wired directly in?


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    Panamax is a good choice!

    I put one on every copier I put out on lease, and had one customer complain -- when my tech checked, the insides of the Panamax box had only black particles, along with a few copper ones!
    saved a $8000 copier & $5000 computer --
    -- at $45 cost --

    I have one on computer, refrig, freezer, hi-fi, TV
    harvest rainwater,make SHADE,R75/50/30= roof/wall/floor, use HVAC mastic,caulk all wall seams!

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